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FALKEN's Flagship "AZENIS FK510" tires rated 3rd overall in tire testing performed by leading German automotive magazine

Mar 07, 2019

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce that our AZENIS FK510, the flagship tire of our global FALKEN brand, has received the third highest overall rating in recent tire testing performed by AUTO BILD, one of Germany's most prominent and trusted automotive magazines.

AUTO BILD regularly conducts comparative testing of tires sold by major brands in the European market according to its own original evaluation methods and standards. These tests are highly regarded by motorists throughout Europe, and their results are widely considered to have a significant impact on consumer tire purchasing decisions.

In this most recent round of testing, AUTO BILD compared 53 name-brand, high-performance tires (Size: 225/45R17), comprehensively evaluating each tire in terms of handling and braking on both wet and dry road surfaces, riding comfort, fuel efficiency and various other performance traits. When all was said and done, our FALKEN brand AZENIS FK510 received the third highest overall evaluation among all of the tires tested. As FALKEN's flagship tire, our AZENIS FK510 boasts superior performance in terms of high-speed driving stability and wet grip thanks to the adoption of an advanced asymmetrical tread pattern design as well as a cutting-edge profile.

FALKEN tires have now received high praise from AUTO BILD for three consecutive years, having received the second highest overall rating in 2017 and 2018. We believe that continuing to receive positive evaluations in the European market, which is known for its stringent evaluation standards, will surely enhance the value of FALKEN brand in the region.